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    Post  Kazuma on 22/06/16, 07:05 pm

    The Village known as Kuraigakure, The Village Hidden In Darkness, was established during an age of calamity. Mastiphal, the current Kuraikage, and 12 others set out on a massive odyssey, traveling to neighboring lands in order to gather those who lost the place called home. One of his companions, Naphula, was able to create ripples in space that allowed them to gather in a single location without being detected. As the refugees passed through the ripple in space they were almost intantly transported to an underground oasis, which was located underneath a mountain chain called The Dragon's Spine. For the most part, the village was very well protected, a few rummbling and quakes aside.

    Essentially, the entire village was enshrouded in darkness at the first glance. As ones eyes adjusted to the lack of light, a hue of blue would emit from the walls and along the ground from glowing mushrooms. Mainly around the river banks and waterfalls where it remained damp. The mushrooms were the main source of light in the village and had a day and night cycle of their own. During synthesis, the process in which the mushrooms took in water for energy, the mushrooms emitted brighter lights for the majority of the day. After 16 hours of synthesis, the mushrooms entered a recovery period where their light lessened. At this point the light lessened to a volume where tiny droplets of water from the ceiling would create a shimmer effect on the crystallized roof creating a night sky.

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