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    The History of Soragakure


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    The History of Soragakure Empty The History of Soragakure

    Post  Kazuma on 29/01/17, 03:01 pm


    Although the village of Soragakure is new to the current world of ninjas its history is long to those who first arrived.

    Soragakure was known to be a refugee camp in its old days, lead and protected by a single man who was rumored to survive the catastrophe that nearly erased all ninja history and kind. After a strong period of peace and prosperity in the refugee camp, the man decided to establish the village where it stood with the help of those willing to learn. He called out to the residents and asked for children, ages varying, to be taught the way of the ninja. He took those who meet his standards as this task was not an easy one and heavily relied on genetics.  *Current place in the story.*

    In Soragakures early days it wasn't as peaceful and prosperous as the children who grew up knew it to be. For where there is light, there are shadows. The adults kept these shadows away from their children and in doing so made the darkness that much easier to trek. At the time, when Soragakure was referred to as a refugee camp, the area was filled with thievery, brutality and of course rape. To maintain order there were few Shinobi who wandered about, casting Genjutsu on bystandimg children to make them that much more ignorant of the problems. In doing so, they kept the children happy which kept the parents at ease. With the promise of protection over the children the few shinobi were able to convince the refugees to  provide initial support towards creating a village. By providing labor to establish the village, the workers were given wage slips that could be collected after success. To the children it seemed as if the adults were working together for the greater good. Exchanging items with items but in truth were exchanging with wages.

    Pushing the children further down a path of naiveness, the adults had renamed the grand war to the great catastrophe and left it at that. Explaining that most ninja had been erased from the war and that everything would begin anew. Though in reality it was far from the truth. There was a great catastrophe but it had not wiped out all ninja. In the age of the grand war, one nation, called the republic launched a mass scale war on all other nations. This mass scale war baffled all nations as the empire wasn't a single nation but a collection of hives within all nations. The republic caused havoc to the ninja world from the inside out causing many to flee with their children towards an improvised safe haven.

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