Stats Explanation and Caps


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    Stats Explanation and Caps

    Post  Kazuma on 18/02/17, 05:53 pm

    》 Stats Explained《
    Chakra: Chakra is the amount of Chakra you have to be used in jutsu
    Stamina: Stamina is the amount of stamina you have to be used in Taijutsu
    Chakra Control: Chakra control is how well you control chakra and helps you perform most types of Jutsu.
    Speed: Speed is how fast you are able to run at a constant pace.
    Burst: Burst is how far you are able to move instantly.
    Force: Force is how hard your attacks land.
    Accuracy: Accuracy is how far you can accurately hit a target.

    》 Rank Caps 《
    Academy Student
    Chakra: (100)+50
    Stamina: 100
    Chakra Control: 25%
    Speed: 15MPH
    Burst: 1M
    Force: 5
    Accuracy: 10M

    Chakra: (200)+100
    Stamina: 200
    Chakra Control: 50%
    Speed: 30MPH
    Burst: 3M
    Force: 15
    Accuracy: 20M

    Chakra: (400)+150
    Stamina: 400
    Chakra Control: 75%
    Speed: 50MPH
    Burst: 8M
    Force: 25
    Accuracy: 30M

    Chakra: (800)+250
    Stamina: 800
    Chakra Control: 80%
    Speed: 60MPH
    Burst: 15M
    Force: 50
    Accuracy: 40M

    Medical Ninja
    Chakra: (1600)+400
    Stamina: 1600
    Chakra Control: 90%
    Speed: 50MPH
    Burst: 8M
    Force: 25
    Accuracy: 30M

    Specialized Ninja
    Chakra: (1400)+350
    Stamina: 1400
    Chakra Control: 90%
    Speed: 60MPH
    Burst: 20M
    Force: 80
    Accuracy: 40M

    Chakra: (2000)+450
    Stamina: 2000
    Chakra Control: 95%
    Speed: 70MPH
    Burst: 25M
    Force: 100
    Accuracy: 40M

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