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    Name: Artimas
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    Post  Duddy on 24/02/17, 04:56 pm

    Name: Kiona
    Village: Kaosugakure
    Kekkei Genkai: Life Imitation

    Puppet Mimicry: Ocular Genjutsu used on an object to make it appear as whomever's chakra is infused.

    Life Essence Transfer: Infuses chakra of a living being into another object, Giving control of the object to both Artimas and the Shinobi whose essence was transferred. Artimas controls any special qualities of the object (I.e. Puppet tools.) while the other shinobi may use their own techniques through the link.

    Strengths: High levels of Chakra control and Focus
    Weaknesses: Lower physical capability's

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    Name: Kazuma Hishori
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    Post  Kazuma on 28/08/17, 03:26 pm

    .12 Chakra Control per 5 Sentences*
    +% to Chakra Control Cap Limit*
    The ability to take notes better and higher capability to retain focus whilst reading bad fanfiction.*

    Academy Student +10% Cap Limit. (35%)
    Genin +10% Cap Limit (60%)
    Chunin +5% Cap Limit (80%)
    Jounin +5% Cap Limit (85%)
    Medical Ninja +5% Cap Limit (95%)
    Specialized Ninja +5% Cap Limit (95%)
    Anbu +4% Cap Limit (99%)

    Physical Stats are capped to 3 ranks lower then current rank.*
    Emotions and Pride.*

    Jounin Rank = Genin Cap Limit
    Medical Ninja Rank = Genin Cap Limit
    Specialized Ninja Rank = Chunin Cap Limit
    Anbu Rank = Jounin Cap Limit

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