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    Welcome to The Sky Village Empty Welcome to The Sky Village

    Post  Kazuma on 03/03/17, 02:03 pm

    Hello and welcome to the forums,
    Most users refer to me as bebop but I'm currently known as Kazuma. Alongside me Cryo otherwise known as Will, Assists me in running the forums; However, Cryo's main focus is on the Arkonia RP and I focus on everything else.

    Brief History:
        Although the forum dates back to 2011, the year of its creation, we have been around since 2006. Originally known as "The Moon Village" and lead under a person named Mika. We spent the next 4 years together until internal issues rose and we had to find each other once again. Under the leadership of Bebop, "The Sky Village" was founded and most of the original members were brought back. In order to keep the Village from being disbanded or forgotten the forum was created, its original Intent to host all of our characters and information to keep a consistent RP.

    Welcome to The Sky Village New-us10
    Brief Description:
    Soragakure is a Original Character RP that has stats placed to help combatants fight others as well as a training system to get stronger. New users start at the rank of Genin and are placed inside a 3 man cell if available and lead by a jounin ranked shinobi.

    How to join?:

    Step 1: Create your character.

    Step 2: Wait for approval or send Kazuma a private message. (I check the forums daily)

    Step 3: Head over to the RP


    Welcome to The Sky Village Arkoni10
    Brief Description:
    In a world full of conflict and violence, one place stands as a beacon of peace and prosperity. The Academy, where people from all over learn about the world, and various other subjects. As a player you will experience set storylines, as well as a personal storyline for each individual.

    "Interitus incarnatus sum secundum alias rationes et malleus universae creaturae descendere aeternum mihi! Satani!" RIP Pheonix Dorm.

    How to join?:

    Private Message Will, and I'll will check your application.

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