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    Artimas's Training Log Empty Artimas's Training Log

    Post  Duddy on 06/09/17, 10:45 pm

    Since only the two kids ever showed and afternoon had passed he decided that he would go training. He would take off at a light jog. As he ran through the village he would greet the people he passed, though they often disregarded him he paid them no mind. He would pass back by the stump to check if anyone else had arrived before continuing on. "If no-ones showing up tonight there's no point wasting the time." (1) As he ran he would think about the lessons they had already learned from Kazuma. He would continue his jog for some time, feeling his admittedly frail body growing stronger as he did. He would occasionally mix in short bursts of sprinting in during his run to push himself, knowing that if he couldn't keep up with the others he would be left behind. (again) Once more he would double back towards the stump to make sure no one else had arrived. After a short rest he would take off once more, this time towards the academy. (2) He would sprint past, debating stopping to take on another job or two, but deciding that he would just stick to his night run. He wondered how long it had been since he started, unused to pushing himself for long periods. "Maybe just a while longer" He would run past a few building that had no importance to him, waving at the few people he saw, but getting no response. "A shinobi must find their path and walk it through the night..." (3) He would return to the stump once more, coated in sweat and breathing heavy. "this is...harder than i thought..." He would lean against the large stump for a bit to catch his breath before taking off once more towards the spot along the river he liked to train. "Just a little longer and ill relax in the stream!" The thought of rest drove him forward, but once he reached the river he was so exhausted he decided that he would just rest, unable to run as his lungs felt like fire. With the energy he could still muster he walked to the waters edge and stripped, placing his clothes close by and slipping into the water to relax and wash off. (4)

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