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    Post  Kazuma on 15/02/15, 11:44 am

    The Academy resides near the center of the village and is at the lowest and second level of the four story building. The Academy is where children go to receive their ninja training and where official ninja receive their missions and orders.

    The building the academy resides in is home to many other facilities such as the

    • Mission Board
    • Anbu HQ
    • Sorakage's Office.

    Classrooms in the Academy are large and have high ceilings, stocked with a giant blackboard and teacher podium. The students are to sit behind a large rectangular desk that has a seating of 3. The walls are usually bare but the instructor may decorate the room to see fit.

    Right outside of the Academy rests a gated off area reserved for Academy Students training exercises. The small field would be similar to that of a sparring grounds. Logs rooted in to the ground for shuriken and kunai practice and a nice soft ground for hand to hand combat.

    To enter the academy the following conditions must be met.

    • Have a deep love and devotion to the village.
    • Have a willing mind this is able to endure rough training and work.
    • Be well in health.

    Just like any other school, the Academy Students are taught the basic reading, writing, math, science, geography and other courses. The students are taught the Shinobi Rules, how to strengthen their bodies and mind and how to wield ninja tools. The Students are also taught trap setting, basics of chakra and how to use it as well as hand signs. The academy can be broken down into three core subjects.

    • Taijutsu
    • Ninjutsu
    • Genjutsu

    Usually in order to graduate from the Academy, the Students are to take and pass a written test and practical test held by a chunnin instructor. As the Academy Students graduate they are awarded the village headband and are soon placed in a 4 man cell, lead by a jounin who will then mentor and train them until chunin rank.

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