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    The Chunnin Exams


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    The Chunnin Exams Empty The Chunnin Exams

    Post  Kazuma on 15/02/15, 06:42 pm

    The Chunnin exams are primarily held within Soragakure, very few exams are hosted due to the lack of Genin in the village and not many other village ninja travel to participate. However in the event of a Exam the first written portion of the test is held within the Academy's second Floor.


    • Written Test
           The Genin are given a written test to judge their ninja knowledge. No written test stays the same as the test changes with the examiner.

    • 3 Man Cell Exercise
            3 random Genin are placed in a cell for this particular portion. Each Genin has a chance to lead the 3 man cell in order to get through the training exercise. If the first team leader fails it switches Genin until they complete the exercise or all 3 fail.

    • Preliminaries
            If more than 6 Genin pass the Exercise, a Preliminary round is held to diminish the participants.

    • Finals
            The remaining Genin are faced in a tournament like fashion in a 1v1 spar


    • Must have the rank of Genin.
    • Must belong to a ninja village.
    • Have completed at least 12 Missions. (10 D-Rank, 2 C-Rank)
    • Must be recommended to take the Chunnin exams.

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