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    Health and Stat Changes/Adjustments


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    Health and Stat Changes/Adjustments Empty Health and Stat Changes/Adjustments

    Post  Kazuma on 21/09/17, 06:50 am

    Hello fellow shinerbers,

    Today i'd like to introduce to you a system that I have been planning for some time now. I have decided to finally implement Health and Damage Ratios to enhance our current combat system. We will be primarily looking at damage numbers, how to calculate them and specific rulings on damage unaccounted for. Before we dive into Ratios and Numbers, The numbers on this page are not permanent and will change as i tweak them to better suit our needs.


    Health - Base health that cannot be trained changed or enhanced.
    Full Damage - Damage taken from an unblocked or countered attack.
    Reduced Damage - Damage taken from a blocked or defended attack.
    Stamina Damage - Damage taken from a genjutsu affecting ones mental state.
    Vital Damage - Damage taken from attacks made to the body's vitals.
    Residual Damage - Damage from untreated Vital Damage or Elemental Damage.



    We'll start off with the most simple of the numbers and ratios; Health.

    Health will be a flat number across all Shinobi ranks, types and sub-types regardless of stats.
    A Genjutsu Shinobi will have the same health as a Shinobi trained in the art of Taijutsu.

    Health: 100


    Damage Types

    This is where things get complicated, or at least annoying, as calculations will have to be made during battle and Numbers will be needed to be added and referred to constantly.
    Damage will be calculated for Direct Hits and Blocked Attacks. Attacks that "sort of got him" will not be calculated and will be given a 5 Health deduction regardless.

    Ninjutsu (Jutsu Damage)

    When struck by a Jutsu regardless of Element, You will either receive [Full Damage] or [Reduced Damage] from Blocking If applicable.

    Example: Duddy uses Blue Fiore! (Giant Blue Fire Wave) Bebop uses Mud Dome! (Mud wall of lesser proportions.) Bebop receives 75% of Blue Fiore's Damage.
    Duddy uses Blue Fiore! Flame Uses Block! (Blocking with hands or body.) Flame receives 100% of Blue Fiore's Damage.

    Genjutsu (Mind Damage)

    When attacked by a Genjutsu that affects the Mind, the victim will take [Stamina Damage]

    Example: Giet casts Genjutsu! Duddy is being tortured in his mind! Duddy receives 50 Stamina Damage! and goes into burst mode.

    Taijutsu (Physical Damage)

    When attacked by a Shinobi that specializes in Hand to Hand Combat, You will either receive [Full Damage] or [Reduced Damage].

    Example: Cryo punches rock with a force of 80! Rock cannot block, rock receives 80 damage!
    Cryo punches duddy with a force of 80! Duddy counters with a force of 95! Cryo receives 15 Damage!

    Weapons (Physical Damage)

    When attacked by a Shinobi that specializes in weapons or attacking from afar, You will receive [Vital Damage] and [Residual Damage].

    Example: Bebop Slashes Flame with Haikaito and Shingiri no taichi!(Body Slash) Flame uses block! (hands or body). Flame receives 50 Vital Damage and 10 Residual Damage until healed!
    Flame still stands! Bebop slashes Flame with Death Scythe (Throat Slash)! Flame receives 90 Vital Damage and 10 Residual Damage until healed.


    Damage Numbers

    Along with Jutsu Difficulty and Jutsu Mastery a few new numbers will be added to Ninjutsu to enhance combat.
    [Travel Speed] and [Radius] along with [Damage Numbers].

    Travel Speed, Radius and Damage will be set during the creation of Jutsu and will be posted and used as reference whenever used.

    Travel Speed is the rate of which the jutsu travels to its destination.
    Radius is the Area of which the jutsu covers or how Wide an area the jutsu will impact.
    Damage is a number calculated from a string of theoretical probabilities multiplied by the planets gravitation over the pull of the moon and divided by zero.
    I will be pulling this out of my ass

    Genjutsu will also be receiving a Damage number calculated from theories that will range based on severity and will be set during the jutsu creation.

    Taijutsus Damage will be calculated with Force and Technique. Your force will be subtracted from the opponents force and the difference will be calculated as damage.

    When stabbed, cut or - cryos favorite, impaled by a weapons user damage will be calculated by Initial Vital damage followed by Residual Damage.

    Heart and Brain: 100 Damage. 0 Residual.
    Throat(Slash): 10 Damage. 25 Residual.
    Throat(Stab): 10 Damage. 20 Residual.
    Body(Slash): 25 Damage. 10 Residual.
    Body(Stab): 15 Damage. 5 Residual.
    Internal Organs: (Vitals) 80 Damage. 10 Residual.
    Internal Organs: 20 Damage. 10 Residual.
    Limbs (Vitals): 5 Damage.  10 Residual.
    Limbs (Slash): 10 Damage. 5 Residual
    Limbs (Stab): 5 Damage. 5 Residual

    Subjected to change, Depending on how long flame can bullshit out of this one.

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