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    The Oni Clan Empty The Oni Clan

    Post  Giet on 20/09/17, 08:33 pm

    Name: Oni
    Village: Original not known, current Soragakure
    Kekkei Genkai: Blood Rage
    Hardy: Extremely high pain threshold, being able to ignore minor pain, though once life threatening it is noticeable. Aka Vital, can be seen as a strength and weakness within the Oni.

    Adrenaline: An Active ability that must be activated by consumption of blood, preferably his own as others blood may not agree with them. Adrenaline is as it says an active adrenaline within the body. While active the user has heightened physical ability. Stronger hits, faster movement, ability to track faster movements and so on. Once activated it cannot simply be turned off, one must consume food or drink to sooth their soul.

    Blood sense: The Oni Clan's love for battle has adapted a certain sense. When the enemy bleeds an Oni can track that blood. They must be within the Keen Senses range which is around 10M and the blood has to be fresh or a hour to two hours old. Best effective when fresh however. Smell, sight or some kind of sixth sense those not part of the Oni could never really know what it is.

    Slow Healing: If not able to be healed by medics Oni if not interrupted are capable of a small regeneration factor within meditation. Unable to meditate if Blood Sense and/or Adrenaline is active.

    Extremely high physical traits and capabilities
    Keen Senses
    Great natural stamina

    Lower then average Chakra control.
    Low genjutsu defense (due to different reasons but Oni are always weak to Genjutsu.)
    High Metabolism so hungry more often then normal people


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    The Oni Clan Empty Re: The Oni Clan

    Post  Kazuma on 21/09/17, 08:13 am

    Hardy: High Pain Tolerance. Cannot feel pain, unless life threatening or until 10 HP.

    Adrenaline: Physical Abilities are Increased by 50% when activated

    Slow Healing: Minor Regeneration with Meditation like state. Full day for Minor wounds and bruising. Major wounds have to be stitched before healing. Can be left unstitched but will take longer. Loss of limbs require Cauterization and will regrow after 2 week as small baby limbs. Blood Sense and Adrenaline will stop healing.

    Blood Sense: Ability to track Blood that's been spilled within 3 hours within 10M of himself.

    Extremely high physical traits and capabilities *
    Your Physical Cap Limit will always be that of the Rank Higher Until Anbu Rank where your stat Caps are.
    Speed: 90MPH
    Burst: 35M
    Force: 120M

    Keen Senses *
    You will be able to sense any movement around you within 10M

    Great natural stamina *
    Your Stamina Cap will always be 2500 regardless of Rank.

    Lower then average Chakra control.*
    Your Chakra Control Cap will be restricted to 65% at Chunin level.

    Low genjutsu defense (due to different reasons but Oni are always weak to Genjutsu.)*
    You cannot break yourself out of genjutsu through Kai or Pain. A teammate must release you.

    High Metabolism so hungry more often then normal people*
    You have to eat 5 times a day and snack in between.

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